Educator Area

  1. How to access instructor tools
  2. How to create sections
  3. How to enroll students
  4. How to track performance of your students
  5. How to define the gradebook
  6. Export gradebook and its use
  7. Advance Search and its use
  8. Roster tab and its use
  9. Lessons tab and its use
  10. Practice tab and its use
  11. Labs tab and its use
  12. Activities tab and its use
  13. Study plan and its use
  14. Assessments tab and its use
  15. How to manage and create assessments
  16. How to customize course or section
  17. How to view demo data
  18. How to set welcome message
  19. How to set announcements
  20. LTI help and its use
  21. How to upload resources for students
  22. How to access course after successful enrollment