1D0-510 : CIW: Web Foundations Associate

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The CIW: Web Foundations Associate certification is an industry recognized, vendor neutral credential. The certification is proof of a person's competence across a spectrum of skills including data networking and Web site design.
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CIW: Web Foundations Associate
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Here's what you will get

The CIW: Web Foundations Associate exam is a part of CIW Web Foundations Associate certification. There are two options to achieve this certification. You can either take the 1D0-610 exam or take all the three exams-(1D0-61A, 1D0-61B, and 1D0-61C) of Web Foundation Series.

The certification is targeted at professionals who use Internet on the job. These professionals will get expertise in Web design, e-commerce, JavaScript, databases and other fields after achieving this certification. The exam covers areas including Internet connection methods, Internet protocols, the Domain Name System (DNS) and Cloud computing.

Professionals will learn about the risks associated with being connected to the Internet, and about the security measures that can keep your computer system and your personal information secure. Finally, you will study the fundamental elements of project and program management, and the importance of acquiring these skills for all IT job roles.

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Exam FAQs
What is the exam registration fee? USD 150
Where do I take the exam?

The CIW: Web Foundations Associate exams are administered by Prometric and Pearson VUE at testing centers world wide.

  • For Pearson Vue: Click here to find a testing center near you.
  • For Prometric: Click here to find a testing center near you.
What is the format of the exam? The exam consists of linear, multiple choice, and situational questions.
What are the pre-requisites of the exam? While there are no official prerequisites to take the CIW certification. Both CIW and uCertify strongly recommend that the candidate should be familiar with computers, internet and an operating system such as Microsoft Windows before taking this exam.
How many questions are asked in the exam? The exam contains 85 questions.
What is the duration of the exam? 90 minutes
What is the passing score? 63.33%
What is the exam's retake policy?

In the event that you fail your first attempt at passing the 1D0-510 exam, CIW's retake policy is:

  • If a candidate fails CIW 1D0-510 exam on his or her first attempt, a 24-hour waiting period is required between the first and second sittings of that CIW exam.
  • Candidates who fail the second attempt at CIW 1D0-510 exam are required to wait for a period of no less than thirty calendar days from the date of the previous sitting before any third or subsequent sitting of the same CIW exam.
  • If a candidate passes CIW 1D0-510 exam, the candidate will not be allowed to retake that CIW exam.
What is the validity of the certification? The CIW: Web Foundations Associate exam will retire on December 31, 2013. Click here for more information.
Where can I find more information about this exam? To know more about the 1D0-510, click here.
What are the career opportunities after passing this exam?

A CIW Web Foundations Associate Certified Professional has several career opportunities open up to them, including:

  • IT professionals
  • Business professionals
  • Healthcare professionals
  • Legal professionals
  • Marketing professionals
  • Graphic artists

Here's what you will learn

  • Identify job roles in the Information Technology...responsibilities, tasks, and skills they require
  • Identify the infrastructure required to access t...net, including hardware and software components.
  • Define important Internet communications protoco...eir roles in delivering basic Internet services.
  • Identify the basic principles of the Domain Name System (DNS).
  • Identify the functions of Web browsers, and use ...the World Wide Web and other computer resources.
  • Use e-mail clients to send simple messages and files to other Internet users.
  • Define and use additional networking and Internet services.
  • Demonstrate ways to communicate effectively using Internet technology.
  • Identify and configure user customization featur...rs, including preferences, caching, and cookies.
  • Identify security issues related to Internet cli...certificates, malware, illicit servers, viruses.
  • Use different types of Web search engines effectively.
  • Identify and use principles of Personal Information Management (PIM), including common applications.
  • Efficiently transmit text and binary files using popular Internet services.
  • Identify security-related ethical and legal issues faced by IT professionals.
  • Relate project management concepts and terms to the IT profession.
  • Recognize essential database concepts.
  • Conduct a webcast and related services.
  • Manage career opportunities in the IT industry.
  • Represent technical issues to a non-technical audience.
  • Demonstrate knowledge required to create a Web page.
  • Add images and graphical formatting to HTML files, and create and edit images and audio
  • Identify and use design and color principles for Web pages.
  • Create a basic HTML form that accepts the user input.
  • Create HTML frames.
  • Define Extensible Markup Language (XML), and identify its features and appropriate use.
  • Identify essential Website navigation issues, and ensure page/site accessibility.
  • Define and apply essential aspects of the Cascad...SS) standard, including CSS versions 1, 2 and 3.
  • Use Extensible Hypertext Markup Language (XHTML) to create Web pages.
  • Identify technologies for enhancing the user's W... programming languages, multimedia technologies.
  • Use GUI-based HTML editing software to create Web pages.
  • Test and analyze website performance issues
  • Identify steps in the website planning and development process.
  • Identify essential issues in developing and main...uding project management, testing, legal issues.
  • Plan and deliver oral presentations of your website, during and after site development.
  • Define electronic commerce (e-commerce) and rela...p a secure, useful interface (i.e., storefront).
  • Demonstrate knowledge of languages commonly used to provide database connectivity to websites.
  • Identify the benefits and drawbacks of running your own Web server versus using a service provider.
  • Identify common strategies for managing an end user's experience and improving site creativity.
  • Consider copyright and ethical issues when creating Web pages.
  • Design Web pages to industry standards.
  • Demonstrate knowledge of basic data communicatio... demonstrate technical knowledge of the Internet
  • Identify the role of networking hardware, and configure common hardware for operation
  • Identify the relationship between IP addresses a...uding assignment of IP addresses within a subnet
  • Identify the functions and components of servers commonly used on the Internet
  • Identify common Internet security and availabili...cluding user-level and enterprise-level concerns
  • Identify common performance issues affecting Internet clients, including analysis, diagnosis
  • Perform basic hardware and system maintenance for network-aware systems
  • Manage fundamental elements of modern network-based client operating systems
  • Configure and troubleshoot wireless networks
  • Demonstrate understanding of virtualization
  • Explain concepts involving personal privacy protection on the Internet
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