VMware Certified Professional

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VMWare Certified Professional Certification

VMware Certified Professional: VCP5-DCV certification is an industry-recognized credential designed for IT professionals to successfully install, deploy, scale, and manage VMware vSphere environments. VCP5-DCV exam objectives are as follows:

  • Migrating VMs using vSphere vMotion
  • Deploying a vCenter Server Appliance
  • Managing Virtual Machines with vCenter Server
  • Deploying and Maintaining Thin-provisioned VMs
  • Using vCenter Update Manager to Apply Patches
  • Deploying an ESXi Host and vCenter Server Instance
  • Using vSphere Web Client to Manage Virtual Infrastructure
  • Using vCenter Server to Manage ESXi Host, Storage and Networking
  • Using vCenter Server to Manage Access Control and Resource Usage
  • Using vCenter Server to manage High Availability, Fault Tolerance, and Data Protection

VCP5-DCV certification training program validates expertise and knowledge in virtual infrastructure, complex computing environment and offers hands-on experience with VMware technologies.

uCertify provides study guide for VCP-510 certification exam.

Requirements for VMWare Certified Professional Certification

There are different paths to VCP5-DCV certification based on your background. Choose your path and complete the three core validation components:

  • Attend a qualifying VMware authorized course.
  • Gain hands-on experience with VMware vSphere 5.
  • Pass the VCP-510 Exam.