Adobe Certified Expert on Dreamweaver

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Adobe Certified Expert on Dreamweaver Certification

Adobe Certified Expert (ACE) Dreamweaver certification covers knowledge and skills required for site architecture, coding pages, designing page layouts, and formatting page elements with CS6. The Adobe Ace Dreamweaver Certification helps candidates to figure out as how to upgrade the website pages by methods for including propelled functions, for example, navigational controls, media components, and structures. This credential will demonstrate to utilize Adobe Dreamweaver CC to execute mobile integration strategies, make liquid CSS formats, and share data over a server to work in a collaborative fashion. Adobe Dreamweaver exam objectives are as follows:

  • Defining a Site
  • Launching a Site
  • Laying out Pages
  • Writing HTML Code
  • Creating Web Pages
  • Navigating the Workspace
  • Adding and Formatting Text
  • Adding and Managing Links
  • Working with Mobile Devices
  • Adding Images and Rich Media
  • Working with Templates and Library Items
  • Working with Cascading Style Sheets (CSS)

Adobe Dreamweaver exam validates knowledge in understanding web technologies, managing sites, remote connectivity, working in design view, working in code view, working with templates, working with assets, testing Web pages and sites and Application development. If candidate works on designing a website in Dreamweaver, it does all the coding out of sight for you. This empowers anyone to design a website, even with no coding background. Dreamweaver presents web content in three distinctive ways:

Straight Code Vision A hand-coding condition for composing and altering HTML, JavaScript, and some other sort of code.

Layout Vision An outline domain for visual page layout, visual altering, and application advancement. A completely editable, visual portrayal of the document.

Live Vision Live vision showcase a more sensitive portrayal of what your report will look like in a browser, and gives you a chance to associate with the report precisely as you would in a browser.

uCertify provides study guide for the Adobe Dreamweaver CC certification exam.

Requirements for Adobe Certified Expert on Dreamweaver Certification

  • More than two years experience working with Dreamweaver on web projects and collaborating as a web designer/developer.